The Electric Linda Workflow

How to create your client’s Dream Tattoo without having to work on your free time, and even get payed for every minute of the process.

Get my full blueprint on all my steps from the first Consultation with the client until the design is done and ready to get tattooed.

My aim is to help you work more effectively within these steps, hopefully saving you a lot of time AND getting you paid for every minute of work.

This course is aimed at those who:

  •  make custom tattoo designs for paying clients
  •  use photos as references / foundations in their designs
  •  are tired of designing tattoos during their free time
  •  spend hours on designs without getting rightfully paid 
  •  are tired of having to redraw a tattoo design over and over again

This course is not for those who:

  •  are not tattoo artists
  •  create their designs for themselves, and not for their clients
  •  draw everything from their own imagination
  •  are completely happy drawing and working for free for their clients

What People Are Saying:

Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I will definitely implement some of this process into my planning. Thank you for taking the time to support other tattoo artists 🥰

Josie Maree Ink

I appreciate all your knowledge, couldn't learn from a better person! Thank you for this opportunity to learn from such an amazing artist!

Niki Roorda

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