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The first and very important steps to take into the world of tattooing.
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Masterclass courses for tattoo artists and apprentices who want to level up their tattooing. Let me teach you my tattooing specialties and help you a bit closer to your tattoo career goals.



Well hello there!

I am Electric Linda. I am not self-taught in tattooing. That’s also exactly why I wanted to create this course for you. 

I got my apprenticeship in the summer of 2000 and started tattooing clients full-time after just 3 months. One year later, I won my first award. Since then I have traveled the world and won over 50 awards and tattooed celebrities like Mac Miller, Madcon, Hank von Hell, and more. In 2008 I founded Attitude Tattoo Studio, now Scandinavia's biggest tattoo shop.

Electric Linda's Teaching Testimonials

Back in 2010, I was lucky there was an open spot for me at Linda's portrait tattooing seminar. That seminar had great content. I learned lots of new techniques and color matching. She is an amazing portrait artist and has a great personality too. 

Leila, Black Cat Ink

I was 18 years old and totally inexperienced in tattooing when Linda took me into the heat and started teaching me. She was patient, even when she had to explain and show something many times, and took the training step by step. With her knowledge in both the technical and the practical, she was both a good mentor and a great inspiration, and I warmly recommend her to others who want to learn.

Cathrine Rylander, Stay True Tattoo

I took Linda’s portrait drawing course some years back, and it went over all my expectations! She is a great teacher who takes her time to help each and every one individually. This course really helped me towards my dream of becoming a tattoo artist. I totally recommend Linda’s courses to everyone who wants to upper they’re skills!

Cecilie, Studio 16

As a tattoo artist since 2006, I have always been fascinated by portraits and am always looking for new challenges and impulses. I attended Electric Linda's Portrait Drawing Course, where we met once a week for 12 weeks.

Later I also attended her Portrait Tattooing Workshop where we each had a model on which we performed a portrait. Since then, I have made a number of portraits.

Linda is a skilled trainer. We learned everything from tips and tricks to different techniques and how to draw a realistic portrait. I would definitely choose to take her courses again.

Synnøve, Romerike Tattoo Studio

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