The Actual Personal Significance of Tattoos and Their Unique Meanings

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Nice Tattoo, But What Does It Mean?

When we see someone’s tattoo for the first time, we instantly wonder what the meaning behind the design is. For many people, getting a tattoo is a very emotional experience, with the tattoo’s design and style closely linked to personal experiences from their life. These are just a few of the many reasons for getting tattooed that you may see when you next speak to someone about why they chose a certain tattoo.

Tattoos Represent Our Dreams and Feelings

In many cases, tattoo meanings are linked to our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes these are ideas we can’t even put out into the world verbally, but instead, they can be expressed by a piece of artwork. Individuals often choose tattoo designs that are linked to their dreams for their life or past experiences they’ve been through. You might find that a symbol or idea comes to you in your dreams one day or just out of the blue pops into your mind. While you might think someone has a simple image on their body, it’s likely they have many more reasons for getting tattooed. A tattoo is a very personal experience, and even the same symbol could mean something very different to another person.

A Symbol of Family

One of the most popular tattoo meanings we see is linked to a family member or loved one who is no longer with us. This physical reminder is present every day for the rest of your life and will carry you through some of the more difficult times that come. Many individuals are looking for a way to showcase their love for their parents, children, or partner. By tattooing a symbol or picture that reminds you of them, you’ll preserve their love physically on your body forever. This emotional bond can’t be broken and so it acts as a symbol of strength on a daily basis.

Using the Body as a Canvas

For those of us with a more artistic mind, your reasons for getting tattooed might be linked to the fact that the body can also be seen as a canvas. While some people opt to paint on a piece of paper or canvas, your body can also be used in the same way. Tattoo meanings allow us to express our individuality and personality. When you first meet someone new, your tattoos can show them who you are and what you stand for in life. We now see people who use every inch of their body and face as a canvas, with bold designs that show their passion for the arts and creativity.

Tattoos Mark Major Life Events

Your first child, marriage, or another major milestone in your life could be another of the best reasons for getting tattooed. We want to remember these precious days in our lives forever, and tattoos are one of the best ways to do that. Couples often opt to get tattoos together to celebrate their partnership and physically show their love for one another. They are a great conversation starter when you meet new people, so the next time you see someone’s tattoo with a date or unique symbol, ask what inspired this design.

Covering Up Scars and Flaws

With all of the pressure today on us to look perfect at all times, if you feel you have a flaw in your appearance, you might be looking for a way to disguise this. Scars and birthmarks are something that people are still ashamed of, even though they should be a mark of survival for past events in your life. You’ll find that many cancer survivors cover their bodies with tattoos, and these tattoos meanings showcase the strength they had to find to overcome this difficult period in their life. Tattoos can be added to almost anywhere in the body, allowing people to make an area of their body they struggled to accept somewhere they can’t wait to show off.

A Unique Expression of Your Personality

No two humans are exactly the same, and your reasons for getting tattooed could include expressing your personality. Some people love the adventure of getting a tattoo and keeping things fresh with their appearance. Tattoos are a great way to express your personal style and appearance, and they make getting dressed up each day easier as you are already showing yourself off in this way. While some individuals opt for more gothic and dark designs, others might look to add cartoon characters or bright and bold designs to their bodies. The great thing about tattoos is that you can literally have any design or style added to your body. Individuals can use their bodies to showcase their hobbies, passions, and interests to the world.

A Sign of Community

Communities around the world have used tattoos for years to showcase that someone is part of a tribe or group. The markings they place onto individuals in the community might show that someone has come of age or is accepted into their group. These reasons for getting tattooed are quite different from the ones we’ve shared above, but they offer a sense of belonging to people around the world. Tattoos work to unite people, which is why so many people opt to get them done with their family and friends. Thanks to the many different tattoo techniques on offer, communities can create their own tattoo meanings and build tattooing into their rituals within their society.

There are so many different reasons for getting tattooed, and when you speak to individuals who’ve recently got a tattoo, you’ll find their tattoo meanings are very varied. Tattoos mean something different to each and every one of us, and they are a way to express our individuality and the challenges we’ve overcome in our lives. While some people still get tattoos for a fun adventure, they often come with much deeper meanings, celebrating the trials and tribulations that someone has had to face. The next time you notice someone’s tattoo for the first time, ask them what inspired their artwork. You never know where your conversation could lead and what fun facts you might learn about them.

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